The Cracked Vessel: A Poem

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In time you move forward, brother,
In mind, you move backward,
With your genius you light up,
The outside world, brother.
With your ignorance.
You dim another.

True, logic had failed you,
Cancer took away your daughter,
You lost job and money,
Though you’d worked hard, brother.

So like a blind man,
You wandered into,
The laps of god-men,
Who are,
Far from godly,
Less than men.

You believe,
He blessed them more,
That they are His doors,
For the forgotten and lost.
So what if it’s at,
A nominal cost.

But you forget o’ brother,
That when a being,
Can’t hear the self,
It’s an abominable lull.
That a cracked vessel,
Shan’t ever be full.

— Aditi Vijayan

Aditi Vijayan is an Astronomy & Astrophysics PhD student in the Indian Institute of Science.